The story ‘sew’ far…


For a long time, I referred to myself as a Craft Addict – I just can’t help myself from creating.

I always have a project on the go, a new idea or craft I want to try. There are so many ideas constantly bouncing around my brain desperate to get out!

I had someone once describe me perfectly as a Craft Butterfly because I flit from one craft to another, I prefer the way that sounds!

So that’s me, a Craft Butterfly, flitting around trying different crafts, enjoying other crafters’ works and sharing the skills and enthusiasm for handmade products.

How did it all start?

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating! As a kid, I explored finger painting, Fimo, glueing, sticking, sewing and even sawing!

There was plenty of encouragement from my parents who never said ‘no’ to all things creative. They supported me by showing me how to use tools such as a sewing machine, a drill and a jigsaw!

So, with backing like that there was no stopping me.

From finger painting to a profession…

My desire to be constantly creating led me on to studying Product Design at what was then called The College of Building and Printing at Glasgow Caledonian University.

I finished with a BA (hons) in Product Design and went on to complete a Masters in Product Design and Development.

So how did the business start? Well, I couldn’t stop making and trying things out, so, I started to gift my creations to family and friends.

This quickly led to my friends asking for more of my work to gift to their friends and family and almost by accident I had started a business.
My business and what I produce has changed over the years along with my own interests and customer trends, but I am still hand making and creating all the time, it will always be my passion.

What am I doing now?

I am in the fortunate position to be working creatively full time. I have my business, Lucy Jackson Designs, I make a variety of things that I sell: felt brooches, keyrings, purses, a range of bags, jewellery and I have recently begun exploring clothing projects.
I sell my work in Mugdock Makkers Art and Craft Gallery in Mugdock Country Park, where I also work two days a week managing the gallery. The gallery is run collectively by the artists and crafters who display their work. For me, it is a fabulous place to be a part of, both as a job and as a crafter. If you want to find out more about the gallery pop over to the website

I also work several days a week in a lovely independent fabric and yarn shop I Sew 2.

I know, I know, how did I luck out with that one?
I joke with the customers that I just kept coming in and then one day just didn’t leave! It is an amazing place to be in, with lovely customers, there are lots of workshops, classes and social events. As well as helping customers with their projects, I teach some workshops here too, helping to continue to ignite the spark of creativity.
I’m motivated by creating products that I love and I hope you will love them too. I aim to make items that make me smile and I hope they will bring joy to others.

It is a real pleasure for me to meet like-minded people, whether it is sharing a similar enthusiasm for crafts or assisting another in their own project.

I truly believe that creating is good for the soul, which is partly why I am so happy! I fill up my life with creative outbursts, making, sewing, drawing and making a beautiful mess!