I have joined in the 28 Drawings Later February Challenge.
Each day in February you have to draw something or create a piece of art and post it to the Facebook page where you can look at everyone’s work and they yours. ┬áThere are people of all ages, styles and abilities posting their work every day, it is a real pleasure to see each days new creations. For me certain people have become favourites and I look forward to see what masterpiece will be posted next.

Here are a few of my drawings so far, I have just been taking photos of them, once the challenge is over i will scan them in and share them all.

Day 1 Black fine liner pen and pencil shading on white A4

Day 1 drawing

Day 3/4 Fine liner on A4 again Windmill Flowers and on day 3 i drew the flowers on day 4 i printed 2 copies on one I added extra detailing and shading, the other I coloured with pro markers.

day 3/4 windmill flowers

Day 7 on A4 i scribbled some colours on the page with pro markers, I then filled each colour with a different pattern and shaded the patterns with the markers to create depth. One of the comments on this drawing was ‘Psychedelic Fruit Bowl’ I didn’t see it till the comment but I agree!

psychedelic fruit bowl

Day 8 Fine liner on A4 Stars

Star flowers layers


Day 15/16 Fine liner pen on A4 i drew the flowers on day 15 and added the colour on day 16 using pro markers.

coloured flower drawing

I have 6 drawings to go, i had better go and do todays, I will blog all of my drawings once the challenge is over.