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Box of Goodies

I came across Crafty Creatives on Facebook a while ago, they send you put a crafty box of goodies every month it costs £12.95 including postage. Each month has a different theme, with projects and other wonderful bits and bobs. It was their first birthday box in July and after looking at all of the lovely boxes so far I though this would be a Good time to try it out.

Here is my unboxing…

crafth box

It came in a pink bag, so I was already more excited, inside the bag is a brown box, inside the box is gorgeous brown paper with flowers on it and a cute little sticker,  positively giddy now, I peel the paper back to reveal a birthday card and a leaflet with instructions for the projects.

Under the card was a huge selection of products.

nside the box

I had to take all of the bits out to see what they were.

crafty bits laid out

the box is flower themed, the instruction sheet shows you how to make 5 different flowers and the box has everything you need to make each of them and some other pretty things. And a Birthday Balloon :)

all of the bits from the box

The first project I tried was the French beaded flower,  I have never tried this technique before despite having a whole book showing how to make hundreds of types of flowers this way.

the first thing you have to do is thread a load of beads onto wire, a load of beads!

beads on wire

Then you make the first petal.

petal number one

Just 4 more petals to make.

five petals

some stamens out of blue beads and wire and assemble into a flower shape.

french beaded flower

Then wrap the wire tails with florist tape to make the stem, done. I am really happy with this, it is really pretty, I think all it needs now is a  brooch back.

beaded flower

beaded flower

I am looking forward to trying another flower and getting my next box.

Shopping and Olympians

Mum and I went out for a little shopping trip today to pick up some essentials for Tex Mex night on Saturday, Sombreros and fabric for ponchos. I promise to update you on how that goes, i am sure the piccys will be great.

While we were out we saw a man sitting, but not on anything!illusion sitting man

Then a little further on and round the corner there was a man floating!

floating gold man

After the floating men we reached the shop that we got the sombreros from, coming out of there we were right next to part of the route she Scottish Olympians would be coming allong and they were due any minute.

There they were…


Unfortunately just as Sir Chris turned round and gave us a smile that hand in the picture covered him completely :(

There was such a great atmosphere, everyone waving, shouting and cheering. It felt quite exciting.

I am glad I was there to see that, especially after going to see the torch before the Olympics, it does make you feel included, to just be there and show your support and see how proud everyone is of our Olympians.

I got to see Sir Chris 😀

Thrifty Shopping

Yesterday I went out for a walk and a bit of look round the charity shops and a look in the antiques and interiors in the Ruthven Mews Arcade just of Byres Road. You just never know what you might find!

Here is my haul from yesterday, my first find was a vintage craft book The Gnomes Book of Christmas Crafts.

the Gnomes book of Christmas crafts

The jacket on this book is made of canvas, so that you can make your own stuffed gnome friend, not just one gnome but a girl gnome on the back. I cant beleive the previous owner didn’t make them!

Inside the book are some really cute projects.

inside bookinsied book cushion pic

My next find was a lot of spools of thread in just the right colours to go with a project i have coming up, more info on that to come soon.

Then i found a pair of vintage Singer pinking shears complete with original box, just had to have them. I tried them out on the vendors newspaper and they seemed ok, tried them out on some fabric and are working perfectly, well done Singer.

scissors and threads

A super successful shopping trip.