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Silk Shoulder Bag
Rainbow Brooch
Draw & Write In Me
Toni Tawny Owl
Monopoly Note Book
Cheeky Bright Owl
Red Ceramic Button Ring
Yellow Heart Brooch
Vauxhall Astra Journal
Ahoy There! Owl Brooch
Purple Ceramic Button Ring
Green Heart Brooch
Alas poor Yorick!
Delicate Hearts
Chocolate Pistachio
Warm Summer
Ruby Earrings
Simply Pearl
Serpentine and Fire Agate Earrings
Pearl Trio Earrings
Rainbow Cloud
Clearly Rainbows
Rainbows in the Clouds
Striped purse
Pink and Brown Purse
I Heart My Purse
Pretty Purse
Blue and Pink Macrame
Jasper Star Macrame Bangle
Caramel Carnelian Bracelet
Fluorite Flower Bracelet
Red Jasper and Agate Bracelet
Red Agate Earrings
Twirly Wirly Tree Pendant
Haematite Woven Bracelet
Lavender Amethyst Woven Bracelet
Pyrite and Antique Bronze Woven Bracelet
Mixed Media Tree and Butterfly Pendant
Colour Block Doodles #1