I have really fancied having a go at this for a while now, at what you say? Customising some shoes with Mod Podge and glitter or fabric, I chose glitter.

I bought these shoes in the Next sale a few years ago, they fit so well that when they started to look tatty I just couldn’t bare to throw them away but I haven’t worn the in ages so they seemed like a good choice. If this project went all wrong I would only be loosing a pair of shoes I probably wouldn’t wear again and if all goes well I’ll have new glittery shoes SQUEEEEEEE.

So… here is what I started with; silvery leather lace up shoes with tatty looking toes, Mod Podge, three colours of glitter, a brush and some tubs to mix the glitter and glue in.

shoes glitter and glue

All the things i used

Oh I also used a bit of sticky tape to mask of the main part of the shoe, these shoes have a line of stitching so it was easy to decide how far up the glitter was going to go.
I decided I was going to try for an ombré pattern using the three glitters green/turquoise, pale blue and bright blue.

I started by mixing the glitter with the glue and then painted some on.

First colour of glitter on the shoe

Getting the first colour of glitter on.

I did both shoes at the same time so that I could make sure I  had roughly the same amount on each shoe.
I then added the pale blue glitter glue mix, in between adding glitters i covered my glue so that it wouldn’t dry up as I was sure I was going to need at least two coats to get good coverage.

Adding the 2nd colour

Adding the pale blue glitter.

You can guess what is next, you got it the bright blue glitter.

Adding the 3rd colour

Adding the bright blue glitter.

Both shoes with the forst layer

Both shoes with the first layer of glitter.

When the first coat dried you could clearly see the stripes of colour…

first layer dry

The first layer of glitter dry.

what I really want is one colour to blend into the next.

When adding the second layer I painted on the pale blue first and then tried to blend the other colours in by working quickly so that the colours were still wet. It was difficult to tell how well this was working when the glue was wet.

Adding thesecond layer

Trying to blend the colours in this layer.

As it dried I could see that the blending had worked really well.

Second coat dry

Big smiles as the second coat dries and it’s looking good.

The next step was to add a coat of the Mod Podge on its own over the top, I added two!

Last coat of glue

Adding a last coat of glue.

Now they are dry they look like this…

Finished Shoes

Glittery toed shoes :)

Shoes finished

I cant wait to wear these.

Sparkly toes

I mean just look at how sparkly they are.

I have also added a quick spray of spray shine varnish, because I had some and I thought it might extend their new life.

I think it is clear that I am super happy with my new shoes, I just need to find somewhere to go to wear them :)

I have also found myself looking round the room to see what else I can pimp up with glitter, I have some awesome neon pink and some pink hologram glitter just shouting out to be glued on something 😀