I came across Crafty Creatives on Facebook a while ago, they send you put a crafty box of goodies every month it costs £12.95 including postage. Each month has a different theme, with projects and other wonderful bits and bobs. It was their first birthday box in July and after looking at all of the lovely boxes so far I though this would be a Good time to try it out.

Here is my unboxing…

crafth box

It came in a pink bag, so I was already more excited, inside the bag is a brown box, inside the box is gorgeous brown paper with flowers on it and a cute little sticker,  positively giddy now, I peel the paper back to reveal a birthday card and a leaflet with instructions for the projects.

Under the card was a huge selection of products.

nside the box

I had to take all of the bits out to see what they were.

crafty bits laid out

the box is flower themed, the instruction sheet shows you how to make 5 different flowers and the box has everything you need to make each of them and some other pretty things. And a Birthday Balloon :)

all of the bits from the box

The first project I tried was the French beaded flower,  I have never tried this technique before despite having a whole book showing how to make hundreds of types of flowers this way.

the first thing you have to do is thread a load of beads onto wire, a load of beads!

beads on wire

Then you make the first petal.

petal number one

Just 4 more petals to make.

five petals

some stamens out of blue beads and wire and assemble into a flower shape.

french beaded flower

Then wrap the wire tails with florist tape to make the stem, done. I am really happy with this, it is really pretty, I think all it needs now is a  brooch back.

beaded flower

beaded flower

I am looking forward to trying another flower and getting my next box.