So, I have been having a bit of a brain storm to find a way to display my hair slides, when they are in a bowl they end up all piled on top of one another and you cant see the colour options, putting them flat on the shelf takes up a lot of room and can end up looking a bit messy.

I package my hair slides on a slim business card.

Hair slides

I think i may have found the solution and a cool new product for you :)

I had a bit of an experiment with the idea yesterday and i have to say i am super happy with the results.

So the new product is a table top business card holder.

Made from recycled Annual pages, i am so happy to have found another use for them 😀

I have added a cardboard base to make it nice and neat and added the book and the year to the base, this one is a Victor book for boys 1980.

If you love to visit craft fairs and bring home loads of cards from the sellers, this is a great way to display them.
Can you see how this will solve my problems for displaying the hair slides?
Unfortunately I cant put them in it to show you as I delivered them all to Mugdock Makkers Gallery on Sunday.

table top business card holder

Do you work in an office and have a boring desk but loads of contacts business cards? You need  the jumbo sized Tower, not only can it hold loads and loads of cards but…. it is a cool sculpture.

Busines card towerbusiness card tower

I have arranged my cards in a spiral pattern round the holder but it would look equally awesome if not better with them stuck in at random.
I have only added a few cards but it will hold so so many more.

Business card tower

This tower was made using a hefty Haynes manual.
If you are interested in owning a a cool recycled business card holder or a business card tower, they can be made in  Haynes manuals and annuals.
A small one is £5 in Haynes or Annual and £10 for a tower in Haynes and £15 for a tower in Annual pluss p&p, they will be made to order specially for you.