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Archive for the ‘Workshops’ Category

October Crafting

October week is a busy time at Mugdock Country Park, they have lots of activities on for kids to keep them out of mischief during the school holiday.

I will be there on Wednesday from 10:00am – 12:30pm holding a crafting workshop.
You can come along and design a purse, wallet, pencil case,  zippy shoulder bag, puppet or book bag. No artistic skills needed for this event, but it does involve using scissors to cut felt shapes so adult supervision will be required or a helping hand for little ones. There is no age restriction for this event if you can draw with a crayon then this is for you, Adults you are more than welcome to come along and make too.

This event was very busy at Easter, there were some amazing creations that i didn’t get the chance to photograph because I was so busy helping everyone, i did snap a few pictures when it quietened down.

People making

There were lots of wonderful creations made, with lots of mums and dads giving a helping hand i cant tell you how many tines i heard ‘Muuuuum can you cut a heart out for me please?’

Busy girls and boys making

I think the next two pictures are of Rosie and her creation (my apologies if I have this wrong)

I love books bag

I’m sure you’ll agree, a lovely job.

I think this next creation was my favourite of all, Easter was quite a while ago and i can’t remember the boys name who made this awesome pirate, the pirate had an awesome name too. I just love the details, he thought of them all himself, and the expression on the face, just great!

Awesome Pirate

If you take note of the stab would just under the left arm that gets better in this next photo…

Awesome pirate back

the stab wound goes all the way through, how amazing is that???

If you take a look at the Mugdock Country Park website they have an events diary, you can check out what’s on and find something that suits you, there are numerous things on each day, just click this sentence, it will take you straight there. 

I hope to see you there 😀