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Archive for the ‘Drawing’ Category

Colour Block Doodle Video

Hi, it’s been a while since my last post, But I have a video for you showing the stages of one of my drawings.

I have used pro markers, a 0.1mm Pigma Micron pen and an A5 sheet of paper (160gsm)
I started by adding blocks of colour to the page in random shapes, then added shapes, pattern and shading. As i went along i added extra shading and pattern to areas where i thought it needed it.

Colour block drawing

Colour Block Doodles Video on Youtube

Colour Block Doodles #1 is now in a frame and for sale in my shop.

Colour block doodles in frame



28 Drawings Later collection

As promised here are all of my 28 Drawings from the challenge:

Day 1 Fine liner pen with pencil shading on A4 paper. I love the depth in this, it has a real 3D effect.

Day 1

Day 2 ‘Me Drawing Me’ on galaxy note tablet using sketchbook pro

Day 2

Day 3 ‘Windmill Flowers’ fine liner pen on A4 paper, I didn’t get this finished on day 3 so continued it into day 4.

Windmill Flowers

Day 4.1  Windmill Flowers scanned and printed with detail and shading added.

Windmill Flowers Day 4.1

Day 4.2 Windmill Flowers scanned and printed with colour using Pro Markers.

Windmill flowers 4.2

Day 5 Patterns in black and purple fine liner on A4

Purple Patterns

Day 6 Garden view from the window drawn with Aqua Markers.


Day 7 Psychedelic Fruit Bowl was one of the comments on this drawing. I started this drawing by scribbling the blocks of colours with Pro Markers, I then filled each colour with a different pattern and lastly shaded areas to add depth.

Psychedelic Fruit Bowl

Day 8 Star Flowers, black fine liner and pencil shading on A4 this is another drawing that I feel has a good 3D effect, the shading really makes them pop off the page.

Star Flowers

Day 9 Waves, String, Wires, Noodles? Fine liner pen and pencil shading on A4.


Day 10 Piles of Papers, this was inspired by a friend of mine, You will get through the paper work, you will!

Piles of paperwork

Day 11 Flowers with swirls, fine liner pen on A4.

Flowers and Swirls

Day 12 Germs, inspired by me not feeling well, i drew the germs. Fine liner pen on A4


Day 13 Love card black and red fine liner on a square card.

Love Card

Day 14 Patterned Hearts

Patterned Hearts

Day 15 More Flowers and Swirls black fine liner on A4

More flowers and Swirls

Day 16 Coloured flowers and swirls from Day 15 using the Pro Markers again, really enjoyed colouring this one. Started to think at this point that i could make a really nice colouring book with these designs.

Coloured Flowers

Day 17 Fan Flowers after thinking about making some of these for a colouring book i shaded this one so it wont end up in the colouring book. Fine liner in black and shaded with Pro markers in cool greys.

Fan Flowers

Day 18 Wire Dragonfly i had this idea in my head and had to make it, I’m sure this counts!

Wire Dragonfly

Day 19 Wire Tree pendant, well one idea led to another, back to drawing tomorrow.
These will be available to buy on the website soon or custom order now, available on green, blue, tan ot turquoise suede.

Swirly Wire Tree

Day 20 Random patterns, wasn’t that happy with this one, I think it was a bit of a quickie.


Day 21 Tree, my other half said it looked like a tree of TVs. I was a bit disappointed that some of the ink bled into the colour on this one.


Day 22 Flower Garden a potential page for the colouring book here. Can you spot the bugs?

Flower Garden

Day 23 Just a Feather, I was going to draw some patterns round it but decided i liked it on its own.


Day 24 Alien Sea, another potential colouring book page, the problem with keeping some to do a colouring book page is that i couldn’t add any colour or shading to them until I had scanned them into the computer, I may come back to these now that they have been scanned and add shading.
Something i really liked about this one was the decision to use different pens, the different weights of line add something to this that i think i will use for future projects.

Alien Sea

Day 25 Flowers and vines again with no shading. I felt like the balance was a bit off with this one and i think i will go back and add some pattern to the vine that is going across the page.

Flowers and Vines

Day 26 Silk painted Hanky Instead of a drawing i worked on a Hanky from a silk painting kit, this was really fun, I love the way the colours mix and you don’t really know how its going to look.

Silk Painted Hanky

Day 27 Tentacles, I didn’t spend a lot of time on this one but i think it will work well in colour.


Day 28 I was staying at a friends house the previous night and this is the view i woke to on day 28, well actually when i woke up there were sheep on the hill, by the time i took the photograph the had moved on. I took the photo on my tablet and worked over it in sketchbook pro.

day 28 view

The challenge kinda took over my life a little! I spent a lot longer than I intended on lots of the drawings and stayed up later than I should have drawing. It was great fun can’t wait till next year!

The community spirit of everyone doing the challenge was great, lots of great comments and questions and just general good spirit and friendliness it wsa great to be a part of it all.

If you want to take a look at everyone else’s drawings and you should as there is such a range of amazing interesting work by some greatly talented people. You can find them on the 28 Drawings Later Februar Challenge Facebook Page

You tube slide show Lucy Jacksons 28 Drawings Later Challenge

February Challenge

I have joined in the 28 Drawings Later February Challenge.
Each day in February you have to draw something or create a piece of art and post it to the Facebook page where you can look at everyone’s work and they yours.  There are people of all ages, styles and abilities posting their work every day, it is a real pleasure to see each days new creations. For me certain people have become favourites and I look forward to see what masterpiece will be posted next.

Here are a few of my drawings so far, I have just been taking photos of them, once the challenge is over i will scan them in and share them all.

Day 1 Black fine liner pen and pencil shading on white A4

Day 1 drawing

Day 3/4 Fine liner on A4 again Windmill Flowers and on day 3 i drew the flowers on day 4 i printed 2 copies on one I added extra detailing and shading, the other I coloured with pro markers.

day 3/4 windmill flowers

Day 7 on A4 i scribbled some colours on the page with pro markers, I then filled each colour with a different pattern and shaded the patterns with the markers to create depth. One of the comments on this drawing was ‘Psychedelic Fruit Bowl’ I didn’t see it till the comment but I agree!

psychedelic fruit bowl

Day 8 Fine liner on A4 Stars

Star flowers layers


Day 15/16 Fine liner pen on A4 i drew the flowers on day 15 and added the colour on day 16 using pro markers.

coloured flower drawing

I have 6 drawings to go, i had better go and do todays, I will blog all of my drawings once the challenge is over.