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Archive for the ‘Crafty Creatives Box’ Category

Crafty Creatives Box 16 Circus

This is my 4th box, part of the appeal to this is the surprise, when the pink package arrives and you finally get to find out the monthly theme and explore the goodies in the box. But… when you open your box there is a lovely sheet of patterned paper hiding the good stuff, they have all been so nice i am sure i will find a use for these too. back to the box.

paper inside box

pretty paper

The next thing you find is the art card, I particularly like this one the artist is Luke Spooner a.k.a Carrion House.
As I get more boxes and more art cards I will have to think of a way of displaying them.

Carrion House art card

Carrion House art card

Next comes a stripey bag with the kit inside, another surprise and you start to get a peek at the goodies.

Inside the box

Getting a peek at the goodies

After this stage I like to take all of the bits out one at a time and examine what I have got.

Contents of the box

exploring the contents

Swirl Patterned Buttons
Rubber Stamps
Purple Beads
Masquerade Pendants
Blank Coasters
Temporary Tattoos
Circus Images (mirror images?!?)
Patterned Paper

After reading the kit contents I realised the images are in reverse so that you can use them as a transfer, the instructions of how to to this went up on the Crafty Creatives Blog. I am giving this a go, the glue is drying as I write this post

What’s in the kit?

Animal Pendant kit

Bear pendant kit

The kit includes a plastic animal and some decorative bits and pieces to transform it into a circus animal.
To be honest, this kit isn’t really me BUT I have had a bit of inspiration and I am working on a different piece of  circus inspired jewellery and I think I have a plan for the bear too possibly involving the glue and some glitter.
I will update when I get the chance.


I didn’t manage to get round to blogging about the last box, annoying, as it has been my favourite so far, everything in box 15 was black and white themed. There was a black pen and a mini sketchbook, perfect for some on the go zentangling,  a needle felting kit, I love needle felting. So far i have made two penguins, 4 mini penguin charms, two ghosts and a mini snowman charm that I haven’t photographed because he is really creepy looking!
I will add a clasp to the mini penguins so they can be added to a bracelet or a necklace.

Needle felted penguins

needle felted penguins

needle felted ghost


There was also a gorgeous fabric fat quarter, mini blackboard peg, polymer clay rose, domino beads, Aubrey Beardsley prints, graphite pencil, teabag folding squares and pins.


inside box 15

black and white





Denim Pen Case

My Crafty Creatives box 15 was waiting for me when I got home from work today… But I can’t tell you about that till Saturday, all i will say is that it is great and I felt like it was made especially for me.

What I can show you is the little project I made last week from the recycled denim, braid and star studs In box 14. I thought that the denim looked about the right size for a pen case, I am loving to zentangle and doodle at the moment and like to carry my pens with me so this was a perfect project.

I gathered my materials; denim, braid, a zip, star studs and some fabric for the lining I chose some vintage style flowery fabric.

gathering materials

I decided to have the braiding at the top and cut two strips to size, one for the front and one for the back.

Cutting the braiding to size.

Choosing lining and cutting it to size.

All of the fabric to make the case.

To make a zippered case/purse.
The main thing to remember is the sandwich;
Denim right side up
(i have put the braid in here right side facing up)
Zip right side facing right side of denim
Lining right side facing right side of denim
and that is your sandwich.

Making the fabric and zip sandwich.

Pin your sandwich, i fold the ends of the zip into the seam to neaten the finish.

Pinned sandwich.

Pop your zipper foot on your sewing machine and stitch, you could hand sew this using a back stitch.

First side sewn. 

Attach the other side in the same way, using the same sandwich.
Open out so that you have right side of denim facing right side of denim and right side of lining facing right side of lining, halfway open the zip.
Starting on the bottom of the lining side, stitch all the way round leaving a 3-4″ gap as seen in the picture.

Stitch round the outside leaving a gap to turn through.

Trim the corners and turn through the gap.

Turn the case right side out.

Before closing the hole in the lining attach your star studs.

Adding the stars.

Almost done.

Stitch up the hole in the lining.

Finish by sewing the hole in the lining.

Fill with pens or pennies or make up and enjoy!

Finished case filled with pens being used in another project.