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Archive for the ‘Out and About’ Category

Activity Day

Mugdock Country Park had an outdoor activity day today.

Scene of park

I went up to the Gallery to be an extra pair of hands and i am so glad I did because look what was right outside the gallery window.

Hog roast

Hog roast

Yes, I did have some for lunch and yes it was delicious.

On my way to the car I met some gorgeous birds.

Bella the Barn Owlbella barn owl

Bella, Barn Owl
Click on the images for a larger view (you know you want to!)


Lobey, Turkmenian eagle owlLobey, Turkmenian eagle owl

Lobey, Turkmenian eagle owl,


Sanda, Lanner falconSanda, Lanner falcon

Sanda, Lanner falcon

It was amazing to see these birds so close, they are absolutely beautiful and fascinating.

The birds of prey were from Strathblane Falconry and the girls were absolutly amazing so full of information and enthusiasm about the birds.